"Imagine Me as a Boy" / PHOTOGRAPHY Noah Ferguson / EDITING, STYLING, DIRECTION Sunny Chen

Hello, friends. I've submitted my recent photoset "Slumber Party" (featuring homegirl Marissa) to some publications but nobody's biting yet. If you run a magazine and want some cool-fun-yeah photos portraying the strength of female friendship, hit me up. Here are some exclusive outtakes which aren't part of the set:

This is just me applying mascara for the slumber partay:

In other news, somebody is helping me produce my music! Blessed.



Just a Lil Update For You Stalkers Out There

In case you haven't noticed, my Instagram is now named NoBangsClub, but, more importantly, I'm the new poster girl for nicotine addiction in 8 Reasons Not to Smoke:

I also photographed and covered Big Wild, Hayden James, and Odezsa at the Commodore Ballroom for Creep Magazine a month ago. Below are some photos that didn't make the cut.
Hayden James

Last but not least, here's a song from a band that fell apart within a week. But it's okay because I'm working on music by myself now (if by working, I mean "procrastinating on working", then yup). It just takes time, and other things have been preoccupying me as of late. I really have to use my time more wisely, choose who I spend time with, and allot myself time to work on my own shit.

Anyway, wish me luck, I have a real audition Thursday with a real casting director.

P.S. Acting classes are expensive but I'm gonna do 'em! I'll be taking Jeb Beach's Back to Booking starting on the 14th as well as attending Cold Read Workouts with Henry Mah once a month. I'll be at some fancy shmancy Actor's Workshop Canada masterclass on the 16th and 17th, which cost a fortune as well. I'm gonna be really busy and poor this year (but what else is new), yay.

P.P.S. I've recently started working coatcheck intermittently at Vancouver Art and Leisure. I really love the team and what they do for the community. Check out their upcoming event, The ABC's Episode Two. I probably won't make it in to work because the masterclass starts at 9am sharp the next day, but I wish I was working! I love doing coatcheck. Hire me for coatcheck, I'm really good at it.



"Kill Ur X"

(Click on photos to enlarge.)
photography by Noah Ferguson / editing by Sunny Chen / makeup, styling, direction by Sunny Chen

Right now I like looking as if I could kill somebody, you know, if I had to. I feel like I could. There are a lot of ways to hurt someone. Like with your house-keys, or just a sharp jab into the eyes with two fingers. Learn how to defend yourself so you can walk away. So you can walk alone at night without your heart pounding in fear. Or you can be like me, oblivious and fearless. One day, my carelessness will kill me.

Have you watched Jessica Jones yet? You should.



"Queens of Convenience"

The beautiful Marissa of No Wear No How came out to party with me last night for Did You Die's album release show at the SBC and we took some photos at a convenience store on Hastings. I bought a bag of Ruffles and a Chupa Chups lollipop and it came up to a total of 75 cents, which I thought was a sweet deal. Marissa and I formed the No Bangs Club last night, holla at us if you wanna join. No Bangs Allowed.

I need to fix my sleep schedule 'cause I was on two overnight background shoots so I stayed up 'til 6 AM throughout Thursday to Saturday. It's so messed up. I just wanna be a normal human being, please. With normal feelings at a tolerable level with regularly-spaced fluctuation, and a functional biological clock. Even as I type this, I feel no desire to sleep at all, no drowsiness, nothing -- and I know I have to wake up at 10 AM for an audition today (which I barely rehearsed, boo, Sunny, boooooo, two thumbs DOWN). In fact, after I finish typing, it's time for a well-deserved smoke break.

Also, I am currently lamenting the fact that I wasted four years and a shit ton of government money on a bachelor's degree in psychology, lmao, when I could have went into film and theatre or something. Or even just worked for four years and did stuff with my life, like finally finish writing a fricking novel. I don't even know how to write a novel anymore. When I was 16, I thought I was, like, this awesome author and I used to be so inspired and so passionate and so depressed. Now when I'm depressed, I just smoke a lot of cigarettes and numb out to Netflix and dress in cute clothes once in a while to go out to do nothing, except be seen by other people as a way to validate my own existence and my worth in this materialistic society.

Anyway I'm glad I took this time to rant about my life because I haven't been doing that on my blog lately and guess what, this is still my blog so deal with it.

Is there anybody out there?




Straight Chillin': Matt and Some Seagulls, Y'all

Remember when I used to be cool and post photos and write stuff on my blog all the time?

Yeah, me neither.

This should be called "Matt and The Big Door" and put on the cover of a children's book.

These are some action shots. I took all of these the day before leaving for Toronto on September 4th. I'm so lame it took me more than two months to edit them. I guess it's because I have what you would call A Life now.

I have this thing for seagulls. Always have, and always will.

Featured above are two loaves of bread, enjoying the sporadic spots of sunshine on this beautiful Vancouver day, two months ago.

Things I Am Excited About:
- becoming the next Natalie Portman, but Asian
- the day people stop comparing me to Lucy Liu
- my future death
- the release of a friend's short film (because I am in it) even though IDK when that will be
- auditions, auditions, auditions
- receiving my money from all the background work I've been doin'
- having consistent background work for December and January
- writing a screenplay, possibly
- buying more of these packs of spicy tofu snax 'cause I bought 6 packs a week ago and finished the last one today and I still have a craving

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