I'm sad that Zhamak is moving to Montreal in a couple weeks, but I know her spirit will go on in young Vancouver, from past club photos to girls and boys she's shot over the years. I will be living vicariously through her Instagram once she's in MTL.
My first EP has been released, and even received some radio play over at Crimes & Treasons (CiTR 101.9FM) this Tuesday. You can stream and download SAD CHINA for free!

I can't thank you all enough for supporting me throughout the years! Hope to collaborate with some of you again. Email me, Facebook me, tweet at me, whatever, whenever!


Throwback to Vancity Tribe x Soyconfessions c. 2013

The bae, Vancity Tribe, is back on the 'Net. You might remember Christine Wong from some of my previous posts, like this one, but the homegirl's finally back from her online hiatus, and I can't be more excited for her and the creative community in Vancouver.
Christine spotlighted me on Vancity Tribe way back in 2013, and now, 3 years later, we're headed down to LA in May with our good friend Steve "Skimchi" Kim. He's an amazing photographer based out of Vancouver, so you know we're gonna get some good shots by the beach, under the palms, strolling the busy city streets.
Christine shot me for the 2013 spotlight and I edited these photos.

Here we are today, eating ice cream from La Casa Gelato:
(You've probably seen this on my Instagram and Twitter, though.)

And here is some of Steve's work:

P.S. Stay tuned for the release of my EP, babes.



Ugh, my Tumblr is so fire right now. She's a beautiful piece of artwork and I'm proud of her for showing her true self.

I'm also proud of myself. But also critical of myself. I can't party too much, too late every weekend; I need to focus on my career. I've been very good at not chasing boys for the past two months and that's something I'm happy about. Also, I'm still working on my EP -- it's at 65% completion, I'd say.

I walked in the Anitza fashion show during the Free Association party this Friday. The Imperial Vancouver is such a breathtaking venue, decorated with huge terracotta warriors lining the walls, above our heads. I wanna have my EP release party there.

I'm looking for this one vintage Chinese song, sung in Mandarin, on the Internet. I don't know the name or any of the lyrics, only the tune, and it's frustrating me. It's a classic though. I wanna cover it for my EP. I probably should call my mom and ask her but I don't wanna bother her, I guess.

Here's a track from the aforementioned EP:

Thank you for being there when I had nothing. Now I have something and I wanna show you what it is, whether it be through film or music. Or words.

Thank you.




"Imagine Me as a Boy" / PHOTOGRAPHY Noah Ferguson / EDITING, STYLING, DIRECTION Sunny Chen

Hello, friends. I've submitted my recent photoset "Slumber Party" (featuring homegirl Marissa) to some publications but nobody's biting yet. If you run a magazine and want some cool-fun-yeah photos portraying the strength of female friendship, hit me up. Here are some exclusive outtakes which aren't part of the set:

This is just me applying mascara for the slumber partay:



Just a Lil Update For You Stalkers Out There

In case you haven't noticed, my Instagram is now named NoBangsClub, but, more importantly, I'm the new poster girl for nicotine addiction in 8 Reasons Not to Smoke:

I also photographed and covered Big Wild, Hayden James, and Odezsa at the Commodore Ballroom for Creep Magazine a month ago. Below are some photos that didn't make the cut.
Hayden James

Last but not least, here's a song from a band that fell apart within a week. But it's okay because I'm working on music by myself now (if by working, I mean "procrastinating on working", then yup). It just takes time, and other things have been preoccupying me as of late. I really have to use my time more wisely, choose who I spend time with, and allot myself time to work on my own shit.

Anyway, wish me luck, I have a real audition Thursday with a real casting director.

P.S. Acting classes are expensive but I'm gonna do 'em! I'll be taking Jeb Beach's Back to Booking starting on the 14th as well as attending Cold Read Workouts with Henry Mah once a month. I'll be at some fancy shmancy Actor's Workshop Canada masterclass on the 16th and 17th, which cost a fortune as well. I'm gonna be really busy and poor this year (but what else is new), yay.

P.P.S. I've recently started working coatcheck intermittently at Vancouver Art and Leisure. I really love the team and what they do for the community. Check out their upcoming event, The ABC's Episode Two. I probably won't make it in to work because the masterclass starts at 9am sharp the next day, but I wish I was working! I love doing coatcheck. Hire me for coatcheck, I'm really good at it.

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